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Flyingpigeon (the bird)

The pigeon finds its way home over extremely long distances. [..]. ( Wikipedia ).

A Web Processing Service Testbed.

Flyingpigeon is a server providing a sandbox and test environment for new Web Processing Services (OGC WPS). It is part of the birdhouse ecosystem, which aims to build interoperable services in support to substainable development goals. Once stable, mature and thoroughly tested, Flyingpigeon services are meant to move to stand-alone thematic servers used in production.

The Flyingpigeon software stack as of version 1.0 was published in Computers & Geosciences and can still be accessed from the release page. Meanwhile many of the 1.0 processes have migrated to other birdhouse repositories. For example, processes related to extreme weather event assessment can be found in blackswan, while processes focusing on climate indices will be found in finch.


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Free software: Apache Software License 2.0


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the bird-house/cookiecutter-birdhouse project template.

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Flying Pigeon (the bike)

Flying Pigeon is a Chinese bicycle company [..]. The Flying Pigeon is the most popular vehicle ever. ( Wikipedia )

Flying Pigeon (the bird)

The pigeon finds its way home over extremely long distances. [..]. ( Wikipedia ).